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Volunteer Opportunities on the Olympic Peninsula

There are many ways to get to know your new community in Port Ludlow. You can socialize with your neighbors, explore neighboring towns, join a hobby club…the opportunities are endless.

One of the best ways to familiarize yourself with your new community is by becoming a volunteer for a local organization. Volunteering can contribute to establishing strong relationships, living a longer and happier life, and providing a sense of purpose.

Here are a few of the many volunteer opportunities in Jefferson County…

United Good Neighbor


United Good Neighbor (UGN) is a non-profit that helps provide funding and raise awareness for social services in Jefferson County. UGN provides programs such as the Counseling Clinic which provides free counseling to people of all ages with an emphasis on at-risk-youth and The Farmers Market “Gimme 5” Program which provides low-income food assistance programs with $5 matching tokens for fresh produce at the local farmers markets.  Click here to find volunteer opportunities. Current opportunities include YMCA Tutors, Greeters and Gift Shop Volunteers at the Port Townsend Marine Science Center, and Festival Volunteers at the Olympic Music Festival.

Port Ludlow Trails Committee


Without the Trails Committee and the Trail Stewards, Port Ludlow would not have 26+ miles of beautifully maintained trails to enjoy, explore, and exercise on. The Trail Stewards, managed by coordinators, hike particular trail segments and preform blackberry bush maintenance. The Trail Stewards report back to the Trails Committee if major maintenance is needed, for example after a windstorm. The committee is always looking for volunteers to join in on “Fun Day”. Fun Days are limited to two hours for volunteers to enhance, beautify, or fix a portion of the Port Ludlow trails. To get involved with the Trails Committee, click here to email Larry Scott, Port Ludlow Trails Committee Chair.

Jefferson County Library


Are you a bibliophile (aka book lover)? Then perhaps a volunteer opportunity at the Jefferson County Library is the perfect fit for you. Jefferson County Library is located in Port Hadlock and also has a bookmobile that visits Port Ludlow, Brinnon, Cape George, Coyle, Quilcene, and Gardiner. The library relies on volunteers to provide support and assistance to their patrons. The library will match your skills with volunteer opportunities. Currently, some of the volunteer jobs include shelf reading, mending books, and sorting and straightening the magazine collection. Click here to email Brwyn Griffin, Administrative Services Manager, about volunteer opportunities.

Tri-Area Community Center


The Tri-Area Community Center is located just ten minutes away in Chimacum. The center offers senior nutrition, a food bank, and a variety educational, cultural, and informative programs and activities. The community center is always looking for volunteers to assist with the food bank, landscape maintenance, drivers to deliver Meals on Wheels to seniors, reader board and bulletin board maintenance, and depending on the time of year volunteers to for free Tax Aide. Click here to fill out your volunteer application.

The Olympic Peninsula has all sorts of festivals and events each year including the Wooden Boat Festival, Sequim Lavender Festival, and Port Townsend Film Festival, to name a few, which always need volunteers each year. Click here to see a wide variety of volunteer opportunities available to further explore and learn more about your new community.

Written by: Kaitlin Chester

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