Do you provide remodeling services?
Yes. Westharbor Homes is a full service residential general contractor. We build homes, outdoor buildings, and provide exterior and interior remodeling services.

Do you provide estimates?
Yes. Over a brief phone conversation we can answer additional questions and set up a time to discuss your vision and our procedures for estimating.

Will you quote a price per square foot?
No. Our homeowners are the only ones with the authority to determine the final price per square foot of their custom home or remodeling project – as they have complete control over their home site selection, architectural features and level of finish desired.

Where does Westharbor Homes build?
We have the capabilities to build throughout the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsula areas and have custom lot opportunities in both Jefferson and Kitsap Counties. We have extensive experience building waterfront and view resort homes in Port Ludlow.

Will you consider building in another area?
Yes. Depending on our current work load, we have the ability to manage projects throughout the Puget Sound area. We can formulate and mobilize a team to accomplish your vision.

How many custom homes a year does Westharbor Homes build?
We feel comfortable building no more than 2-4 “custom” homes per year. We will not sacrifice our craftsmanship and service standards for profit.

Do you work with out-of-state homeowners?
Certainly. We are experienced building for out-of-state as well as out-of-country homeowners. We have tailored our selection process to meet the needs of our resort and relocation homeowners.

What should I expect would be my financial investment in a Westharbor Homes home?
We have worked with homeowners’ that require a construction investment of $400K and homeowners’ whose construction investment is well above one million. While none of our homeowners’ require the same financial investment, our goal is to deliver a home within their financial expectations.

What size homes does Westharbor Homes design and build?
We have the experience and capabilities of building any size homes. This all depends on your vision.

We own our home site and architectural drawings. Will Westharbor Homes work with us?
Absolutely. This is common and we have modified our delivery system to meet your needs.

Will you build from plans out of a plan book or from an online database?
This depends. We feel that a home needs to be site-specific, properly designed and engineered around our homeowners’ vision. However, looking through online databases or plan books is a good place to start for ideas. We can take plans out of a plan book and “re-design” the plan to compliment our homeowners’ vision and adhere to local building codes.

Will Westharbor Homes build another builder’s or architect’s home plans?
This depends. If you “own the rights” to a set of architectural plans or have hired an architect to design your home, then yes. We will not duplicate plans or floor plans unless arrangements are made to purchase the copyright from another builder or architect.

Can I make changes or upgrade materials during construction?
Absolutely. This is one of your biggest investments. We welcome your ideas and input throughout the construction process, and we remain flexible and willing to accommodate your wants.

We own our home site, but don’t have architectural drawings. Will you work with us?
Absolutely, in fact many homeowners purchase their home site prior to contacting a builder or architect.

Does Westharbor Homes have available home sites?
Yes. Since we are custom home builders we do not currently build pre-designed homes. However, Westharbor Homes is owned by the developers of The Resort At Port Ludlow and does have access to lot inventory owned by the developer. Many of these lots were designed or are suitable for custom homes.

Will you work with my Real Estate Broker while we search for a home site?
Yes. We have developed great relationships with our homeowners’ Real Estate Brokers and strongly suggest you work with a reputable Realtor prior to purchasing your home site.