Our Philosophy

Designing a home is a process of discovery and begins with a period of gathering information, most importantly about the client, but also about the site chosen to build on. Westharbor Homes is fortunate to be surrounded by arguably the most scenic and abundant blend of nature’s finest landscapes of the Olympic Peninsula. If you are just beginning the journey we can offer sites from a large inventory accessed through our relationship with the owners and developers of The Resort At Port Ludlow or introduce you to one of our real estate agents who specializes in custom home sites.

Some clients may have completed many of the initial design elements and already know what they want their house to look like. Others may have only a general sense based upon places they have visited or photographs they have seen. The most important thing is for a client to imagine the way in which the style of their house will complement their lifestyle, whether it’s making life more enjoyable or satisfying that internal need to create a masterpiece. At Westharbor Homes we strive to better understand and connect with our clients resulting in each home being perfectly tailored to express their individual needs and aspirations. As each individual client differs in their personal tastes, requirements, and objectives, it therefore follows that no two homes should be alike.

Our commitment is to incorporate a spirit of cooperative teamwork with design professionalsarchitects, engineers, lenders and building officials to achieve success as defined by the client. Lastly, Westharbor Homes recognizes that each client has a unique financial situation and we consider it crucial that our approach to a project reflect the client’s financial goals and objectives, not just their design vision.